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Exterior Package

$ 319.99

Price was $375.57

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You may keep your car clean on the inside, but the outside is at the mercy of the elements. Keep this kit on board to make sure your car is always looking its best. Advanced waterless car cleaning technology.

The exterior kit includes:

- Polymer Car Wash x 2
- Showroom Finish
- Glass Treatment
- Plastic and Vinyl Protector- Insect Cleaner
- Tyre Dressing
- Cotton Cloth (orange) x 6
- Microfibre Cloth (orange) x 6
- Microfibre Cloth (blue) x 3- Microfibre Cloth (green) x 3

This Package Includes

Polymer Car Wash
Polymer Car Wash X 2
Showroom Finish
Showroom Finish X 1
Glass Treatment
Glass Treatment X 1
Plastic/Vinyl Protector
Plastic/Vinyl Protector X 1
Tyre Dressing
Tyre Dressing X 1
Insect Cleaner
Insect Cleaner X 1
Cotton Cloth (Orange)
Cotton Cloth (Orange) X 6
Microfibre Cloth (Red) X 6
Microfibre Cloth (Green)
Microfibre Cloth (Green) X 3
Microfibre Cloth (Blue)
Microfibre Cloth (Blue) X 3

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Auto Atelier is the ultimate car cleaning system which enables you to keep your car looking immaculate and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.

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