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Polymer Car Wash

$ 44.95

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This is our ‘hero’ product and the one that started it all! Once you’ve washed your car with Polymer Car Wash you’ll feel guilty doing it any other way – not only does it produce an incredible glossy finish, it protects your paintwork.
Make sure you have a kit at home but also carry this product with you so that you can wash your car wherever you are.
  • water & scratch free
  • polished finish
  • protective coating
Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash cleans, polishes, protects and seals all smooth non-porous vehicle surfaces without the use of water using a simple 2 step process. Polymer Car Wash contains the exclusive Polyslick 3 formula which surrounds the soil particles with a lubricated film and enables their displacement without scratching the surface. Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash can be used on all painted bodywork, chrome, glass and plexiglass.
  • use only on dry surfaces
  • do not use on heated surfaces
  • shake bottle vigorously before use
  • spray a light coat directly onto the dirty surface, work in small sections
  • spread the product over the sprayed section using a polishing cloth
  • using a second clean polishing cloth, immediately polish off residue to leave a smooth polished surface
  • repeat the process as necessary to achieve the best result on oxidised or excessively dirty surfaces
  • adjust product use and polishing cloth rotation in accordance with the condition of the vehicle (product suitable for up to 5mm of dirt)
  • regular polymer washing strengthens the protective coating left on the car which keeps it looking great and makes it easier to maintain. one bottle of polymer car wash can do 5 or more car cleans.
  • product technique is temperature dependent: on hot surfaces apply product in smaller sections. On cold surface, you can work in much larger sections
  • spray product at least 6 inches away from panel joins – direct application or overspray onto panel joins will leave a white polish powder residue in the crevasses between the panels
  • avoid overspray (appears as a white powder residue) onto previously cleaned surfaces, bumper strips/bars, plastic trims and glass. once dry, remove overspray with either a clean cloth or by using the glass treatment or the plastic/vinyl protector
Biodegradable according to European standards

Auto Atelier is the ultimate car cleaning system which enables you to keep your car looking immaculate and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.

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