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Showroom Finish

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Perfect as the finishing touch (over the top of a Polymer Car Wash) or as a ‘touch up’ for cars with a fine dust layer, Showroom Finish enhances the gloss finish and adds another layer of protection to your paint.
  • mirror finish
  • rain dispersant
  • anti-static
  • protective coating
Auto Atelier Showroom Finish is designed for the ongoing maintenance of vehicles regularly washed with Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash and as the final touch for a showroom finish. Auto Atelier Showroom Finish provides a mirror finish, acts as a rain dispersant, and has anti-static properties for long lasting results. Showroom Finish is suitable for both dry and wet surfaces and can be used on all painted bodywork, chrome, glass and plexiglass.
  • can be used on both wet and dry surfaces
  • do not use on heated surfaces
  • shake bottle vigorously before use
  • spray directly onto the surface to be treated
  • spread the product over the surface using a cotton cloth
  • using a second microfibre polishing cloth, immediately polish off residue to leave a smooth polished and protected surface with a spectacular mirror finish.
  • showroom finish does not have the cleaning properties of Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash - use only as the final touch following an polymer car wash or for the ongoing maintenance of cars that are in a very clean condition
  • showroom finish can be used on wet surfaces (that have been recently polymer washed) to enhance the drying process and ensure a streak-free finish
  • the protective coating left by showroom finish keeps the car looking great and makes it easier to maintain. 
  • product technique is temperature dependent: on hot surfaces apply product in smaller sections. on cold surface, you can work in much larger sections
Biodegradable according to European standards

Auto Atelier is the ultimate car cleaning system which enables you to keep your car looking immaculate and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.

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